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Committees/Task Forces

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The MLS Committee monitors the MLS system and ancillary products. They review MLS Rules, fines, fine appeals, and system performance. They recommend updates to the MLS program, MLS areas and data. (Typically meets the first Thursday of the month) 

Chair:  Tom Acton

President:  Shaina Nickila.  President-elect:  Jenna Galegher.  Members:  Amanda Abrahamson, John Bathke, Steph Cooke, Rick Gruebele, Jackie Jackson, Tony Jennings, Linda Johnson, Steve McConnell, Matt Privette, Jenny Stahlbusch, Megan Wilson.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda (Restricted to members of LSAR, Google Login Required)

Past Meeting Minutes (Restricted to members of LSAR, Google Login Required)


This Committee serves to monitor local, county, state, and federal issues and regulations that could affect home owners and to advocate for real property rights in our community. (Typically meets the first Wednesday of even numbered months) 

Chair:  Doug Kman

President: Shaina Nickila, President-elect:  Jenna Galegher.  Members: Gloria Allan, John Bathke, Tom Henderson, Adam Johnson, Michelle Lyons, Steve McConnell, Sherri Puckett, Kal Randa, Katie Robinson, Sarah Wisdorf.


Upcoming Meeting Agenda (Restricted to members of LSAR, Google Login Required)

Past Meeting Minutes (Restricted to members of LSAR, Google Login Required)


This Committee serves to identify, evaluate, and recommend a slate of members to the Board of Directors.

Chair:  Doug Kman

Members:  Jenna Galegher, Shaina Nickila, Greg Running, Jamie Sathers-Day.



The Association strives to be a relevant and nimble business partner in an ever-changing industry. To accomplish this, the Board of Directors have established the current Task Forces to accomplish specific immediate goals. This list will continually change based on the needs of our industry and community. Please see our Association calendar for meeting dates or apply to join any of the Task Forces below.

Fair Housing Task Force

Currently meeting every the second Thursday of each month from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Chair:  Kim Wolff

Members:  Rod Graf, Dave Lilja, Lynn Nephew, Shaina Nickila, Jim Philbin, Danielle Rhodes, Yoana Sol, Sarah Wisdorf.

Goal:  To generate and evaluate ideas on how LSAR can proactively work towards diversity, equality, and inclusion in housing and the real estate industry.

Fair Housing Task Force Resource Repository


condo Task Force

Chair:  Amanda Abrahamson

Members:  Steph Cooke, Michael Garmer, Linda Johnson, Susie Lannon, Michelle Lyons.

Goal:  To align and clarify fields in MLS as it relates to condos, townhouses, common wall properties, seasonal properties, and other related listings.

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