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Each market is different and may have unique requirements and benefits to buying real property there. That’s why it’s important to work with a REALTOR® to help you navigate the particularities of their markets. Below you will find some links to resources to get you started. Call your REALTOR® to help you find the property you want and the expertise you need.


City of Cloquet –

City of Duluth –
I&I Point of Sale (Sump Pumps) –
At point of sale city needs to inspect the basement for a sump pump or the man hole for contributing to the city storm water/sewer system. If property is found non-contributing that compliance certificate is $105 and good for 1 calendar year.If property is contributing then owner needs to pay $200 towards compliance and sump pump will most likely need to be installed, current or new owner can undertake this and there are grant monies available to cover the majority of the cost. Call 218-730-4130 to schedule an appointment prior to closing.

Rental Ordinance – Life Safety Department –
All properties that are rented or that the owner is receiving a benefit from others dwelling there in City of Duluth must have a rental license.There are 2 types licenses available a Single Tenant(owner occupant w/1 person, a family or related persons) or Multi-Tenant(more than 1 unrelated persons).If purchasing a rental property or converting a single family residence to a rental check on license status and be prepared to pay fees.Licenses are issued for 3 year terms and current fees can be found on the website.
Phone: 218-730-4380

Garbage – The City of Duluth requires garbage service at all residential properties, so if a garbage bill is delinquent the garbage hauler may petition to put the outstanding amount onto the property taxes. A good rule of thumb is to require a paid in full garbage receipt prior to closing.

Steps to Gas Service
 – Comfort Systems natural gas service within the CIty of Duluth

City of Ely –

Esko -

City of Grand Marais –

City of Hermantown –

City of Proctor -

City of Rice Lake –

City of Silver Bay –

City of Two Harbors –

County Information

Carlton County –

Cook County –

Lake County –
Plat Book
Septic Ordinance
Planning & Zoning

Pine County

St. Louis County
Ordinance 61 Septic Point of Sale St. Louis County

All septic systems within St. Louis County must be inspected prior to sale.Inspections will determine conditions of the septic system as 1 of 4 outcomes.In 2 of the outcomes system replacement will be required which could lead to additional fees or escrowing of monies.


MN Department of Education School Finder

MN Department of Education School District List

Minnesota School District Map –


Wisconsin Resources


National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)…

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