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Well hello there…..we’d love to show you what membership can do for you!

There are several options for membership for real estate licensees and other businesses interested in membership. See our options below to find the right fit for you. Have questions? We’re here to help! Call us at 218.728.5676 or email

Primary REALTOR® Membership
This membership is for licensed real estate agents, brokers, and appraisers. If you are a licensed real estate agent, it is required that your firm or broker is a REALTOR® member. In order for your application to be processed you will need to provide a copy of your real estate or appraisal license.

REALTOR® membership is three-tiered. Members also belong to the Minnesota and/or Wisconsin Association of REALTORS® and to the National Association of REALTORS®. A REALTOR® may be a licensed Real Estate Salesperson (or Agent), Broker or Appraiser.

*State association is determined by state of licensing. If you are licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, state association would be determined by office location (state).

For Print*  REALTOR® Membership Application

Online Form (Electronic Signatures Required to Process)* REALTOR® Online Membership Application

REALTOR® Member Dues Rate Sheet-Minnesota License

REALTOR® Member Dues Rate Sheet-Wisconsin License

Secondary REALTOR® Membership
Secondary members are REALTORS® whose primary membership is held with another local REALTOR® Association. National and State membership dues are paid through their primary Association and all that is paid to LSAR are LSAR membership dues and MLS fees (if applicable). If their primary association is in a different state, they may also choose to pay Minnesota or Wisconsin Associations of REALTORS® dues through LSAR. 

REALTOR® Membership Application

REALTOR® Member Dues Rate Sheet-Minnesota License

REALTOR® Member Dues Rate Sheet-Wisconsin License

Affiliate Membership
Affiliate membership is comprised of people involved in a business related to real estate but who are not a licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Broker or Appraiser. Examples: mortgage companies, home inspectors, title companies, staging companies, etc. 

*Choose the application (Minnesota or Wisconsin) that corresponds to your office location.

Affiliate Membership Application -Minnesota
Affiliate Membership Application- Wisconsin

In addition, Affiliated mortgage companies are eligible for Sold Only access to the Lake Superior Area MLS. Please see MLS Membership options below for more information. 

Public Service Membership

Public Service Members shall be individuals who are interested in the real estate profession as employees of or affiliated with educational, public utility, governmental or other similar organizations, but are not engaged in the real estate profession on their own account or in association with an established real estate business.

Public Service Membership Application

Lake Superior Area MLS Membership 
Membership in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is available to REALTOR® member real estate brokers and their licensees, as well as certified appraisers. Additionally, participants of the Lake Superior Area MLS may request access to the MLS by non-licensed administrative staff.

Full MLS Participation 

MLS Participation Agreement – Lake Superior Area MLS (To be completed by participant – generally the broker or primary appraiser only) 

MLS User Information Sheet (To be completed by each user needing access) 

Sold Only MLS Access 
In addition to real estate and appraisal licensees, Sold Only MLS access is also available to mortgage companies, banks and title companies that are affiliate members of LSAR. 

Affiliates: Lake Superior Area Sold Only MLS Access 

Public Service Members: Lake Superior Area Sold Only MLS Access Public Service

Please contact the Association office for more information on any of these membership options!

4031 Grand Avenue
Duluth, MN 55807