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by Laura Douglas

LSAR REALTOR Member Search & Resume

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest moments in a lifetime. REALTORS® are here to make the process even more memorable! Choosing YOUR REALTOR® is a big deal; it may even create a bond that lasts beyond the sale of a property. 


LSAR Hosts FBI Presentation on Email Scams & Wire Transfer Fraud

Millions of dollars are lost annually through email compromise scams that are increasingly more difficult to spot and protect yourself against. While anyone can be a victim, the business and real estate communities are prime targets. Join FBI Supervisory Special Agent Patricia Weber for a free community event to learn how these scams work, hear about real life cases, and most importantly, how to protect yourself from falling victim.


LSAR Publishes Construction Study

In partnership with the Arrowhead Builders Association and the Northspan Group, LSAR commissioned a study to analyze costs associated with the development of single-family workforce housing in Duluth, Minnesota. It explores a range of factors that affect the cost of constructing new single-family homes to determine where Duluth’s costs are high

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